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Suzanne Clune



Suzanne Clune was born in the Hudson Valley into a family of educators. In her early years her artistic abilities and talents were nurtured.  Suzanne chose a career as an operatic soprano. She received her Bachelor of fine arts from Purchase College, NY and an MA in music and art from Columbia University, NY, where she studied art with Professor Olga Hubard. 


Over the years the allure of dramatic expression progressed and lead her into visual art and specifically to abstract expressionism.  A deeply feeling and greatly imaginative person, she has found that the visual arts have created an open doorway for her that is driven with pure emotion.


The development of her work has naturally transitioned to larger canvases with a more brilliant palette and greater texture.  She is influenced by many artists, among whom are William De Kooning and early Richard Diebenkorn.  Most recently her work was  reviewed and she was chosen by a panel of distinguished jurors to become a member of the National Association of Women Artists Inc..  Her work is in the archives of the finest art museums of our time, some of these include The MoMA,  The Guggenheim Museum of Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum of Art,  The Smithsonian and The Library of Congress.


Suzanne continues to paint in her studio in the Hudson Valley today.



I am an operatic singer and performing artist. As such I have to sacrifice my creative spirit and limit my artistic expression.  A classical singer has to rely on existing compositions and performing rules. The visual arts give me absolute freedom of creativity and the opportunity to experiment with spontaneity. The visual arts let me dive deep in my inner imagination.  It is all me and all mine to give. Through the medium of paint, I seek to use colour, texture and form to create a visually stimulating image.  It is also a way for me to explore the range of possibilities allowed through subtle changes, colour choice, composition, method of application, surface preparation, etc.  I choose not to push some form of ideology or political agenda at the viewer. My art is a way of finding the true meaning of myself.

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